What equipment are you using?

We all shoot top of the line Canon, Sony camera bodies and lenses, plus backups so we never worry if something malfunctions! We also use all Adobe/Apple softwares to process your photos/videos so they are the best they can be!

What is your photography/videography style?

Every wedding our team works their hardest to capture all the details and moments of your wedding as if they were telling a story. Whether you call it a “photojournalistic” or a “candid” shooting style, we think wedding photography is all about storytelling. Our approach is relaxed, natural, documentary-led photography/videography. We capture your day as it unfolds naturally without interference from us. We aim to capture the fleeting flashes of emotion between you, your family and friends that convey the depth and beauty of your relationships, both new and old.

Do you take formal family group shots? 

Yes, we do. We believe in those family group shots, as they are records of your entire family at an important time in their history together. We recommend you prepare a list of the family members that need to be photographed in a group setting . On a wedding day when time comes to take the family group shots, please have these groupings ready. This will make the formal family photo session go smooth on wedding day and it will also avoid unnecessary delays. 

Do you shoot table shots? 

We shoot primarily in a candid format. Table shots mean we would have to go from table to table, remove the centerpiece, ask half the table to get up and go around to pose, take the photo, return the centerpiece. This means about 10 minutes per table is spent taking these shots, which quickly adds up to an hour or more. Your photographer could be taking great candids during this time! We'll of course take any group shots that guests request on the spot. 

 How many images do we receive from our wedding? 

There are no set limits to the number of photographs you will receive. We photograph your wedding day as it happens, recording the moments that matter – the interesting, the beautiful, the tears of joy, the raucous laughter – We don’t think you can, or should set a limit on that! However, based on our experience you will receive a minimum 60-70 images per each hour we are booked for. 

Do you deliver every image you shoot? 

No, we do not. We eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery.

How will I get my photos/videos after the wedding? 

 We deliver all of your edited high resolution images via password protected online gallery download. This way you can download and make copies of your images on any media you prefer. We always suggest making backups of your images and asking friends and family to do the same. We will provide you a USB of your images if you prefer at an additional fee( $50/USB). The videos will be shared via online download link.

How long until I get my photos/videos? 

Per our contract, we will deliver your online wedding gallery within 8-12 weeks at the latest. We promise we are working as fast as we can to get you your photos/videos as soon as possible. We edit all of our weddings in the order that we photograph them. 

 Can you send me a few photos to choose from for a Thank You Card? 

 We do offer rush processing at an additional fee for both a few images or a full wedding. If this is something you are interested in please let us know! I saw a photo of yours that I really liked. Is it possible to duplicate that exact image? Due to the nature of on-location shoots, it's almost always impossible to duplicate a specific shot because of lighting variations. We do, however, promise that we will get amazing photos from our session that will not only be unique, but also fitting to your character and style. 

What is the difference between cinematic highlight edit and long documentary video? 

A Cinematic highlight edit is a wedding story told in an engaging manner is a cinematic style The story is brought alive through observing and capturing interesting moments & interactions in a manner that takes care of framing, composition & light. The moments are captured by combination static and moving cameras to have a cinematic feel. All this is then edited with a whole lot of care and love. The cinematic short film is a summary of your wedding day footage edited to a mix of music tracks(selected by us) and beautifully color graded for visual impact that will have you, your friends and family loving every second of it! Length of the highlight edit is 3-7 minutes.

A long video (Documentary edit) is documentary style traditional edit which includes one or two angle coverage of wedding/event ceremonies, some parts of baarat(groom entry in Hindu Weddings), bride-groom entries, family member entries, full speeches and any performances by guests. This video is mostly captured by static cameras mounted on a tripod or monopod. Video can have instrumental background music or for some parts, house audio as recorded by camera, can be left as is. Length of the documentary edit can be 1-3 hours. 

Can you hold our wedding/event dates until we decide? 

We take bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. A signed contract and deposit fee secures your wedding date, which makes it fair to everyone